Rules & Guidelines for Psyren Forum Members

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Rules & Guidelines for Psyren Forum Members

Post by Ageha on Sun Aug 17, 2008 7:45 pm

Thank you for you interest in taking part in our community. We believe in creating a fair environment for everyone to enjoy reading and discussing Psyren Manga series, all that we ask is for you to follow some very simple guidelines.

General Rules

* Members are only allowed ONE account, you're only allowed 1 name change so try and choose your name carefully. Members found to have more than 1 account will lose them all.
* No personal attacks. You're free to express yourself but please leave other members of the community out of it.
* No racist / pornographic or otherwise inappropriate content will be tolerated.
* No excessive use of profanity.
* No spam. This includes meaningless and one word posts. The only time this rule will be overlooked is on release threads, where something other than a "thanks" or "thank you" isn't really needed.
* Make meaningful threads. Worthless or redundant discussions may be removed. Also please be sure your thread titles are not vague and show what the thread will be about.
* No double posting. Edit your previous post.
* Use the search feature! Whether you are looking for a thread, a piece of information or want to start a thread use the search feature first. This helps reduce redundant threads.
* Do not link to pay for manga/anime websites under any circumstances. Any case of trying to direct traffic to those websites will result in the immediate and permanent suspension of your account. You may still discuss the topic of pay-for-manga/anime sites, just don't send people to them.

Avatar Guidelines

* Maximum 150x150 Pixels
* No distracting animations or colors (mod's discretion). For example, colors that purposefully clash with eachother, or animations that flash or otherwise distract the user towards it instead of your actual post.

Signature Guidelines

* Do not exceed 600x400 pixels with your signature image.
* Only use the [img] tag twice in your signature
* Keep it under 500 characters of text (this includes bbcode).
* Remember that a signature is not your MySpace blog, your diary, or a story of your life. It's a good place to show off your signature image, and list your websites, fanclubs, releases, things you're reading etc.
* If your signature is taking up too much space, uses distracting colors or is offensive in wording or imagery it may be removed at the mod's discretion.

General Image Posting Rules (Applies to Avatars/Signatures too)

* Don't post early spoiler pics outside of their designated threads, and never post a spoiler without using the [spoiler] tag.
* No pornographic images, this includes hentai. Please discuss with an admin or mod prior to posting for permission if you feel your image might break this rule.

Advertising Rules

* Members are free to share other websites / services here as long as their intentions are to genuinely benefit other members with those links.
* Referral / Affiliate IDs are not permitted on any links on this forum.
* Advertising services of violent / offensive / adult / etc. nature are not permitted. Manga / Anime for sale services are not permitted unless they are official licensees of the product.

Infraction System
(Penalties for Rule Breaking)

So you broke a rule, what now? Luckily for you we're very lenient when it comes to penalties for rule breaking. We make use of vBulletin's infraction system and give our members 3 generous strikes before the first action is taken. Nobody except forum leaders can view or add infractions to your account. You will receive a private message from the forum every time your account is penalized.

Here is an overview of the system.

* The majority of first-time infractions are sent without a point value (a warning). Warnings do not negatively affect your account in any way.
* Points and warnings will come with an expiry date depending on the severity of the rule broken. Most will expire in 1-2 weeks.
* Most rules are only worth 1 point, but severe violations may be worth more.
* If you have 3 active points against your account (points that have not expired), your account will automatically be given a 1 week ban.
* Members who receive a 1 week ban are put on a permanent probationary period. If they receive 1 more point at any time after their 1 week ban, their account will be banned for good.

We reserve the right to bypass all formalities with the infraction system and ban any user we feel is detrimental or threatening to the community in any way.


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