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Psyren Card 61 - Invitation

Post by Nikron on Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:23 pm

Hey, I wonder where everyone is.


The new chapters are hell good, the story advancing in every aspect (it would be crappy, if something will ruin this). It was about time to find the WISE in the present Smile It seems the WISE's members are not some freelancer psichicers, but they really trained for battling and war. Tough, it's a bit strange Ageha and the other can compete with them in power in such a short time.

I wonder what will happen if they meet with one of the Star Commanders in the present and the future too (even on the street as civilians Cool ). It's also a bit strange that after they changed the future, the Star Commanders still remember them. What if Dholaki made some mistake after the declaration, but before they met in the future, and Miroku killed him because of that? Very Happy It seems such a big difference in the past didn't affect the future after the declaration of war at all, which would be a quite impossible if we think racionally....

I like the way Grana is building the Neuro-control tower, however, I feel that whole Psyren is just an empty place. I've only seen towers with Star Commanders as inhabitants. Maybe only 5 people lives in Psyren? Ok, +Council of Elders also, but we still haven't seen them either (I'm not wondering about that, it would be strange if they would be stronger than the star commanders).

That's all for now, a bit of my feeling about the current story. Cool

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