Psyren chapter 93 discussion

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Psyren chapter 93 discussion

Post by Anabone on Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:07 pm

Before starting, I think the template rules are way confusing. The codes doesn't even work. =P I hope I'm excused and can continue with this thread.

Kagetora looks to be more powerful than I would had thought. If you would excuse my assumption, he has so far only lost his battles in this manga. Wow, now he is challenging the Star Commander nr 2. He is even pretty much winning it.
The thing is, this event will change the future dramatically. Even more if Kagetora would to win and also if he would to die. It's bugging me, the time bridge and paralell time lines. Is it good or is it bad? The old woman's opinion isn't that assuring since it's her personality to ignore rules and restrictions.
Should the main characters avoid changing the future? I would, I wouldn't wanna mess up time & space.

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