How to: Add a Chapter

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what? How to: Add a Chapter

Post by Ageha on Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:10 pm

1. Maintain Thread Subject's Color [Every 5 chapters]

Psyren Chapter 35
Psyren Chapter 36
Psyren Chapter 37
Psyren Chapter 38
Psyren Chapter 39
Psyren Chapter 40
The Color should change after every five chapters Arrow Psyren Chapter 41
[It helps members to find the chapter he/she wants quickly]

2. Bold and Underline the following words and follow this type of form:

Manga Chapter:_##_:AAA

Watch Online:
[Video Link]

Read Online:
Put any links or put the pictures!

Download Only Pictures [Not Video]:
Source 1:
Put the link here
Source 2: Put the link here
Source 3: Put the link here

Translated Versions:
Download Link
Italian:Download Link
Others [include the language]: Download Link

3. Remember to put them in the middle by Aligning the text in center.

4. Say thanks/other greetings to the Author of the post for bringing you the latest chapter. [Optional]

Add more Rules/Features? Post a thread in Suggestion/Feedback section!

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