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Post by Nikron on Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:08 pm

If I may put some of my theories about Nemesis Q:

I think his objections, is that the future is always changing, and thats why he want to change the future with the help of the drifters.

I can also imagine, that this game is for to roster out the weak people, so those, who can survive Psyren, they can change the world (for example, with helping the kids).

One of my theories is that Nemesis Q is one of Ageha, Asaga, Oboro etc. in the future, and she/he traveled back to the past, to change his current position. (And Matsuri is strong enough to her/his exceptions, that's why she does not need to return to Psyren again).

It's also possible, that she/he is one of a revolted member of WISE.

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