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Post by Ageha on Sun Aug 17, 2008 8:06 pm

1. Sidenote about the bashing of theories

Okay... this sidenote is about the bashing of theories...

People can put alot of effort to explain their theories in here, regardless with or without manga pages as evidence... Please respect these theories and DO NOT come in these threads like ZOMG BULLCRAP, SUCKSS ASS and whatnot...

1) It's amazingly annoying...
2) Threads get garbaged...

I do not want to see anymore of such harsh comment anymore.. And I think alot of other people will agree with me on that part.

If you don't agree.. simply explain why and don't come up with nonsense or anything close... better than that.. don't comment at all...

Please let anyone be able to tell their theories without being bashed or destroyed...

Thanks for understanding.


2. Reminder about what is a theory and what is not

Lately more and more non theory threads get submitted and that needs to be stopped...

The staff keeps seeing more and more threads like (I'll just name one example):

"Will he die?!

What do you guys and gals think?"
Do you peeps call that a theory? Honestly.. I don't know why you even are hanging around posting threads in this section?

A nice explanation of the word 'theory' is this:

A theory is an unconfirmed idea or explanation based on a set of widely accepted truths or facts. No proof, no theory.

From now on... all moderator and/or admins will delete any non theory thread.
This thread has warned all of you... so please don't come complaining why your thread has been moved/deleted.

Thanks for reading it, hope you will be safe posting logical thories.

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